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Take a sip or a dip in Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic’s most famous spa town. Sheltered in a tree-lined valley, the Bohemian architecture complements the town’s relaxed style. If the spa waters are too bitter for you, banish the taste with a sweet spa wafer.

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France to czech Marseilles to Karlovy Vary one way by train

Sherif A. | 8 May 2015 answered | 0 Comments
Travel from munich on 4th may 2015 to innsbruck-salzburg-vienna-krumlov-prague we would like to have 3 nights in Munich,1 night in Innsbruck,3 nights in Salzburg,3 nights in Vienna and 3 nights in Prague.Also we wish to have a one day excursion to karlovy Vary.

Dipali G. | 29 January 2015 answered | 0 Comments
How i can travel from munich to karlovy vary I want travel from munich to karlovy vary on 22/12/2014 I want an electronic ticket

Hany M. | 5 November 2014 answered | 0 Comments
Me and my husband want to travel from karlovyvary to munich My husband and I want to travel from Munich to Praque on 22/10/1914 by train. Then we want to go to Karlovy Vary on 26/10/2014 ( by train or bus) and on 28/10/2014 back to Munich by train. What will be the best ticket to buy? My husband is 60 (...)

samuel h. | 4 October 2014 answered | 0 Comments
Prague to karlo vary how to get from prague to Karlo Vary stay for 3 days and then travel to Frankfurt Germany? Regards

Saeed A. | 18 September 2014 answered | 0 Comments

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