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General Information:

This website is owned and operated by RAIL EUROPE 4A SNC, Les Collines de l’Arche, Immeuble Concorde B, 76 route de la Demi-Lune, 92800 PUTEAUX, FRANCE.; Registration n° 401 714 993 00029, VAT Number FR 16 401 714 993, a registered company in France.

Rail Europe reserves the right to change or modify any of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice or liability. This right shall particularly apply in the event that legal imperatives or a broadening of the Offer make such modifications necessary. The Website user shall be informed of any modification to the present General Conditions by means of a notice of “change in the General Conditions of Use”.
While Rail Europe has taken every effort to ensure that the information contained within the website is correct at the time of going live, RAIL EUROPE cannot be held responsible for any errors and omissions or any information which may be incomplete, inaccurate or may have become out of date.
The Travel Agent (TA) is responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions. Continued use of Rail Europe online booking following any such changes shall constitute the Travel Agent’s acceptance of such changes.

Booking confirmations of certain products may not happen instantaneously and may have to be confirmed by Rail Europe Office. In such instances the Travel Agent will be informed per the contact details indicated upon subscription to the Rail Europe Website.

Passes cannot be issued to residents of the countries the pass is valid in. Residents of the Russian Federation, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia are not eligible to purchase Eurail Global passes, Eurail National and regional passes and the Czech pass. Residents of United Kingdom are not eligible to purchase BritRail Passes or Eurail Global passes.

Courier and Post for delivering pass / ticket documents will be free of cost to a valid business address. However, Rail Europe cannot take responsibility for tickets which are lost or stolen whilst in the process of delivery.
A PO Box is not a valid delivery address.

Bookings need to be made at least 12 business days prior to your customer’s departure from your country. Rail Europe will always try to help if less notice is given, but Rail Europe is not responsible for delays in delivery service or otherwise.

Kindly note there are no Electronic tickets. Only Paper tickets will be issued after the reservations are recorded and confirmed by Rail Europe office and delivered.

Subscription to the Rail Europe Website:

In order to be a recognized TA user of this web site you must register your company per the instructions indicated in the designated TA space. You will be supplied a login and password after submittal and review of your request. Please note that Rail Europe reserves the right to refuse access to its on-line booking tool for whatever reason may be and with no obligation to supply any explanation for this refusal.
False information given for subscription may be considered a material breach of agreement and access to the web site may be terminated without notice.

The terms & conditions stated herein apply to all the rail (products) passes offered in this Website. Please make sure you carefully familiarise yourself with all the points mentioned.

Rail Europe will consider that the TA has accepted all the conditions once the TA completes the booking process.


For all the bookings made through the Rail Europe Website the mode of payment will be by credit card. Rail Europe Website will accept major credit cards of Visa / MasterCard except for American Express card. Payment for online booking is accepted only by valid credit card. The total amount mentioned in local currency is the equivalent of Euros/US$ price of the product and will be charged to the credit card used to pay online whilst booking. Once the payment authorisation is confirmed the system will generate a formal or an official acknowledgement for the payments made online will be sent to the Travel Agent.

A travel agent agrees to be charged on their CC the nett amount after calculations for commission and sales tax, in local currency equivalent to the Euro / USD price of the product.

Rail Europe has the discretion to decide the Rate of exchange for the Euro / USD product price to be converted to local currency as well as any currency exchange expenses at the time of payment.

All taxes applicable other then the sales tax deducted by Rail Europe are the Travel agents liability & the Travel Agent is responsible for paying the same applicable as per Government regulations.

Responsibility/ Liability:

  • 1. Rail Europe acts only as a booking engine. Rail Europe has no control over, and is not responsible for, any of the tours, passes, attractions, hotels and other travel accommodations that may be listed in this site. All bookings are accepted and all tickets, passes, and vouchers are issued on the express condition that, Rail Europe is not responsible or liable for any loss (consequential or otherwise); damage (including but not limited to loss of, or damage to passengers’ clothes, baggage, or other property whatsoever); death, injury, delay, inconvenience or irregularity caused by, or arising out of, or in connection with, any defect in any vehicle or other, air, land or sea conveyance used, rented or travelled in; or through the negligence, wilful misconduct, strikes or other acts, defaults of omissions of any carrier, car rental company, hotel, restaurant or any other provider of goods or services.
  • 2. Every booking is accepted subject to the conditions, tariffs and regulations imposed by the air, rail, shipping, bus, car rental, car insurance, hotel or other companies, firms or persons concerned.
  • 3. Rail Europe reserves the right to alter, cancel or substitute any component of a package.

Termination of Access:

Rail Europe reserves the right to terminate your account details to use the website for online bookings without the necessity of any prior notice being given to you if it perceives any breach of these Terms & Conditions.

The provisions of these Conditions excluding, limiting and disclaiming the liability of Rail Europe will nevertheless survive any such termination.

Governing Rules:

All transportation covered by those passes where use is intended for more than one country is subject to the Uniform Rules concerning the Contract for International Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Rail (CIV). National and/or single-country passes are subject to rules and regulations of their specific countries. Neither the British nor European railroads nor Rail Europe assume any responsibility for damages resulting from a strike.


Britrail (Passe/Reservations/PTP) 3%
Eurostar 5%
National Passes (France/Swiss/German/Balkan/European East) 4%
Swiss Packages 5%
Reservations (non Britrail) 2%
Eurail Passes 6%
Other Market Fares & Open Tickets 2%

General Terms and Conditions

NOTE: The following terms and conditions apply to all Rail passes, point-to-point tickets and packages if any offered in this site and should be read carefully.

A travel agent recognizes the following rules and must ensure that the following Customer information is supplied to the customers:

Traveler Information

How to Validate and Use Your Pass:

  • 1. Passes are issued open dated and must be validated within six months from the date of issue and prior to the first day of use. To validate the rail pass, present the rail pass along with your passport to the Railways official at the station of departure. At this time, the first and the last day of validity of the pass as well as the passport number is entered and the passenger must sign the pass. Under no circumstances is the pass holder allowed to validate his or her own pass. In the case of a Flexipass, the passenger must enter the date of travel each day before he/she boards the first train of the day. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the payment of a fine and the cost of a full fare ticket. Also, if there is any indication that a railpass has been tampered with, forged and or/used by anyone other than the passholder, or used beyond its validity, the railway Official are authorized to confiscate the pass and require the payment of the full fare plus a fine. It is compulsory to present passports to railway officials on request.
  • 2. In most cases validity runs from midnight to midnight for the period shown on the pass. All services, rail, rental car, air travel and travel bonuses must he be used within the validity of the accompanying rail pass. One-month period is based from a date in one calendar month to the corresponding date in the following month (minus one day). Depending on the calendar month the pass is validated, the validity period may therefore consist of 28, 30 or 31 days.
  • 3. Passes are not valid on hotel trains, private or specialty trains unless otherwise stated.
  • 4. Passes are available in first and second-class unless stated otherwise. Passengers holding first class passes are also permitted to travel in standard/ second class however a refund of the fare difference is not applicable. Passengers holding standard/second class passes are permitted to travel in first class only if they pay the difference between the two fares as applicable locally. For BritRail passes: Some trains in Great Britain do not have 1st class accommodations. The prices of the 1st class Passes have been adjusted to reflect this.
  • 5. Refunds are limited to completely unused undated, un-validated passes, ticket and inclusive packages, hotel and car vouchers and will be granted only where permitted under the terms and conditions set forth below or elsewhere in this site. Passes, tickets and vouchers must be returned for refunds. Companion and Saver passes, BritRail discounted and Eurail and Eurail Select Pass, Rail ’n Drive and Rail ’n Fly passes together are considered one document and must be submitted together. No refunds will be granted on partially used passes or tickets, or on unused parts of inclusive packages; documents must bear no evidence of having been tampered with in any way.

7 PM Rule:

  • When travelling on a direct overnight train (no change of train) departing after 7pm, the next day’s date must be entered. In such cases, travel from 7pm and midnight of the following day is included and considered as one day of travel. If the overnight trip requires a train change before midnight, traveller will use 2 travel days.

Reservations for Seats, Sleepers and Couchettes:

  • Reservations are mandatory on certain day trains and on all night trains. Reservations are based on availability at the time of confirmation. Reservation fees are not included in the pass price and must be purchased separately. On certain high speed trains passengers are required to purchase a pass holder ticket, which includes the cost of the reservation.


  • Most trains offer a choice of smoking or non-smoking accommodations, but some trains offer only non-smoking. We will endeavour to meet all seating requests, however these cannot be guaranteed as the same is subject to operational availability.

Additional Charges:

  • Seats, sleepers and couchettes, pass holder tickets for travel on trains such as Eurostar, Italian Day trains, AVE, Talgo, Elipsos, Thalys, Cisalpino, etc. luggage checking, and port taxes, are all subject to additional charges which are not covered by the passes. These, including meals and refreshments, are all to be paid separately. Luggage checking, port taxes, meals and refreshments as well as seat reservations, sleepers and couchettes reserved locally must be paid abroad in local currency.

Product Information:

  • 1. Passes are strictly personal and are non - transferable and only valid with a passport. Passes must be validated in Europe, before your first train or ferry journey. Holders are not allowed to validate their passes themselves.
  • 2. After receiving your pass, you have up to 6 months from the date of issue to validate it. Passes must be validated in Europe, before your first train or ferry journey. Holders are not allowed to validate their passes themselves.
  • 3. Certain trains may transit through a country not covered by the pass. In that case an additional ticket must be purchased.
  • 4. To validate your pass, you need to present your passport and pass to the railway official at the ticket window in the train station (not to the conductor), before your first journey. If you have a Flexipass, write the date (in ink) in the appropriate box on the pass before boarding your first train. (Note that a rail travel day is defined as extending from midnight to midnight).
  • 5. Under no circumstances is the holder allowed to validate his/her own pass. Tampering with or altering a pass renders it void and in such a case, the train control staff is authorised to confiscate the pass and impose a fine, payable in local currency, Passes may not be purchased, issued to or used by residents of Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States (the former Soviet Union), Turkey, Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia.
  • 6. Seat reservations, sleepers and couchettes, travel on certain high speed trains (such as Eurostar, E* Italia in Italy, AVE in Spain, Thalys and Cisalpino), luggage checking, and port taxes, are all subject to additional charges which are not covered by the passes. These, including meals and refreshments, are all to be paid separately.
  • 7. Passes do not guarantee a seat on a train or passage on a ship unless reservations are secured in advance. For certain trains and ships, a reservation is compulsory. Please enquire about this, before travel, in Europe at railway stations and shipping company offices.
  • 8. In Europe this pass must be shown when securing train reservations. The Passenger shall not be entitled to travel unless he/she presents a valid pass/ticket at the railway station issued in accordance with the Rail Europe regulations. Please note once the reservation is confirmed / ticket has been issued, the name of the passenger cannot be changed”
  • 9. For 1st class travel with a pass marked 2nd class, the full difference between the 1st and 2nd class fare on the respective route has to be paid.
  • 10. Unless otherwise specified:
    (i) A child under the age of 4 travels free of charge provided he/she is not occupying a seat or sleeper. Passengers are responsible for the accurate age of the children given to the TA for the booking purposes.
    (ii) Children over the age of 4 and under 12 yrs of age pay 50% of the adult fare.
    (iii) Passengers under 26 years of age are classed as Youths.
    (iv) Passengers over the age of 60 are classed as Senior citizens.
  • 11. The fare of the ticket/pass does not include the insurance of luggage, which is under the traveller’s surveillance at the station and in the trains. Rail Europe advises all its customers to take appropriate travel insurance for their journey so that any monetary losses due to unforeseen circumstances may be recovered (subject to the terms on the policy)

Travel Documents:

Travellers are responsible for ensuring that they have all necessary visas and appropriate travel documents prior to their departure. Travellers are responsible to ensure the accuracy of all the documentation including valid resident permit, passport, visa and necessary travel documents. Rail Europe will not be responsible for any damages arising out of incomplete or improper documentation given by a Passenger.

Lost Tickets and Passes:

Rail Europe is not responsible for passes, tickets or vouchers, which are lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed. Refunds cannot be authorized in such cases.


  • 1. Refunds for any amendment or cancellations will be processed offline. Applications for refunds must be submitted by the client to the Rail Europe representative office where the pass, ticket or reservation was issued and couriered to you. Expired tickets/passes are non refundable. No refund can be made unless the pass or ticket can be produced. No refund will be made in Europe for tickets/passes issued by Rail Europe representative office. No refund can be given on tickets/pass purchased in Europe. Passes, tickets or reservations must not be removed from their ticket cover and must bear no evidence of having been tampered with in any way.
  • 2. Eurail Global passes, Eurail Select Passes, Eurail Regional and National Passes are refundable only if totally unused and unvalidated and received within one year from the issue date. Six months for the following passes: Austria, Scan and BritRail pass. Please note that the Czech Flexipass and Prague Excursion pass are refundable up to seven months from the date of issue. All refunds are subject to minimum 15% cancellation fee. Saverpasses, Twin passes and Party Passes are not refundable if partially used. Validated and partially used passes are non refundable.
  • 3. Premier trains tickets are refundable based on the "after sales" rules of the type of ticket purchased (click on "details" of the products at the time of booking, also printed on the ticket). Refunds, when applicable, are possible only if the ticket is received in our office within the time frame allowed for a refund. Cancellation fee varies from 0 to 100%.
  • 4. BritRail Point-to-Point Tickets are refundable only if totally unused and unvalidated and must be received by the issuing office within 6 months from the date of issue. 15% cancellation fee applies. Roundtrip tickets used one way are not refundable.
  • 5. Totally unused point-to-point tickets received by the issuing office 48 hrs (Business Days) prior to the first date of validity are refundable. Tickets received after the first day of validity are refundable if canceled and stamped "not-used" by a railway official, at the station of departure. These tickets are refundable up to six months from the last day of validity. All refunds are subject to a 15% cancellation fee. Tickets submitted after the first day of validity, which have not been cancelled, are not refundable.
  • 6. Sleepers and Couchettes: For cancellations, the unused ticket must be received by Rail Europe office at least 48 hours (Business Days) before the train departure date. If clients are in Europe, ticket must be stamped cancelled by a railway official at the station of departure at least 24 hours before the train departure date. 15% cancellation fee applies. If space not cancelled and ticket received after the travel date, no refund is allowed.
  • 7. Non-refundable Products: Fly-Rail Baggage, Seat Reservations.
  • 8. Where no other time frame for refund is specified in this website, refund requests for tickets, passes, tours & packages must be received by Rail Europe representation office within six months of the issue date. Once tour/package is confirmed a refund is not allowed. Special refund conditions apply to Swiss packages - please check at the time.
  • 9. Unless otherwise specified, the train ticket may not be transferred to third party or reproduced in any form whatsoever. Rail Europe reserves the right to take all appropriate measures if it learns of a fraudulent use or description of the train ticket.