Poland : PKP

PKP Intercity, the Polish State Railway Company operates the national passenger network. With speeds of up to 160kmh (100mph), you can connect between 20 major towns.

The main trains on PKP InterCity’s routes are Ekspres InterCity (EIC), high-standard domestic trains (reservation compulsory); EuroCity (EC), high-standard international trains (compulsory reservation on domestic routes); Tanie Linie Kolejowe (TLK), fast trains which require reservations in 1st class’ and Ekspres (Ex), express trains which also need seat reservations.

National Hotel trains operated by PKP InterCity (with sleeping cars and couchettes only) operate three routes - Gdynia-Zakopane, Kraków-Kolobrzeg and Warsaw-Szczecin/Swinoujscie.

One of the best ways to explore Poland is with Eurail’s Poland Pass, valid on PKP InterCity and private railway line, KM Koleje Mazowieckie. Note that the pass isn’t valid on Scenic Routes, Airport-Station link or with the following operators - Arriva PCC, Koleje Dolnośląskie (local trains in Lower Silesia), Walbrzych Glowny-Jelenia Góra and Koleje Mazowieckie’s (KM) Warsaw-Gdynia.

Alternatively, explore Germany’s cities and castles with Eurail’s Germany-Poland Pass. PKP InterCity’s international destinations include Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague and Vienna. Night trains run to Berlin, Budapest and Prague.

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