Romania : CFR

Căile Ferate Române (CFR, meaning ‘Romanian Railways’) is the national train operator in Romania, serving the 22,247km of track.

The network is well connected with Europe, including the cities of Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw and Venice among others, providing pan-European passenger services through several passes.

The company is divided into four sections, the CFR Călători, responsible for passenger services; the CFR Marfă, responsible for freight transport; the CFR Infrastructură, which manages the Romanian railway network infrastructure and the Societatea Feroviară de Turism, or SFT, which manages scenic and tourist railways.

Romania has excellent train coverage and a range of services to suit your needs. From the rickety Personal trains that link remote villages at an average speed of around 34km/h, and a ticket price of just a few euros. To the speedy 87km/h InterCity trains with their excellent reputation for comfort, cleanliness and service.

CFR offer two night trains, one from Belgrade to Bucharest and the other from Budapest to Bucharest via Arad.

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