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Assisi, beauty is at every corner

In the heart of Italy, come by train to discover the extraordinary rich heritage, that made that the whole city is Unesco listed. With its 28000 inhabitants, this little town is set in a landscape made up with foothills and terraces.

About Italy

The medieval city is the one in which the well-known Saint Francis of Assisi was born. Then, Assisi is world-famous for its pilgrimage.

So why don’t you follow the pathes of the pilgrims to admire the St Francis of Assisi basilica. In this 13th century building, you will wow watching the frescos painted by italian masters such as Giotto or Lorenzetti. You can also visit the 16th and 17th century Saint Mary of the Assisi’s angels basilica, which mannerist style already is the sign of the baroque style.

And with almost ten museums you will have time to learn more about art and history, having pleasant time strolling around the city.

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