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Benicassim, it has everything you ever wanted

How lucky you are to stay in such a pleasant town! Benicassim has a perfect location on the mediteranean coast of Spain, is easily reached by train and has everything you are looking for! Share your time between nature and culture, and just enjoy!

About Spain

Benicassim is a seaside resort and that is the perfect place if you need to relax and to enjoy sunbathes on the Costa Azahar.

80 km away from Valencia, this 16.000 inhabitants city offers every year in july the famous International Festival of Benicassim ("FIB"), an important music event. Besides the pleasures of the sea and the cultural life, Benicassim is worth the visit in many respects. Visit the parish church, a gem built during the 18th century in a neoclassical style. You can also stroll around the Saint Vincent watchtower or explore the Montornés medieval castle.

Nature lovers will like to have a walk around the Bartolo peak (729 m).

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