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Frasne, enjoy a peaceful french village

If you need to have a breath of fresh air and to rest in a haven, you made the right choice. Indeed, Frasne is a little village populated with 1.800 inhabitants located in the northeast of France.

About France

Not far from the cross-country ski resorts of the Jura’s mountains, Frasne is the perfect place to commune with nature. Perched on a 850 meters high plateau, it has a great location in the heart of a regional nature reserve called "les Tourbières".

Hiking lovers will feast their eyes with greenery, marshes, ponds and fir trees in this beautiful 150 hectares park. Ancient chapels like the Pond’s chapel can be seen, in addition to the 19th century St Georges church.

If you come on summer, head the Cessay farm which organizes various activities and even cheese tasting with the local product: the excellent Comté, made in this Franche-Comté region.

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Customer reviews

  • Value for money
    Train experience | Ole r. | 2014/04/04
    "The train was ok but I got a seat with very narrow space for my legs and with very restricted view to the landscape we passed. "

  • Value for money
    "print @ station" | Florian s. | 2013/08/27
    "it appeared already a bit strange that it was not possible to just print out the ticket immediately after purchase myself. nowadays this should not be a big deal anymore, just use a barcode. anyway, the only available option to get my paper ticket was to collect it directly at the train station by prinitng it out with "one of the machines". sounds pretty easy. but when i got there: a lot of machines but not even 1 (!) would print my ticket. i asked for help at the information counter. i was told i had to use a "special machine" located the level below. so i went there, tried different machines again, failed and asked for help again. it turned out that neither of the machines won't print my ticket, i had to collect it at counter. took 40 minutes! "