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Liege, one of the belgian gems you must see

Liege, one of the belgian gems you must see

With its fiery natives and devotion to Pèkêt, the local genever (Belgian gin), Liege is known as La Cité Ardente, or burning city. Don’t leave town without strolling around the Carré district or haggling at the Quai de la Batte’s Sunday flea market.

About Benelux

On Saint-Lambert square, you can admire the Prince-Bishops’ Palace from the 16th century and visit the "Archeoforum", the archaeological Museum, surprisingly located under the square and taking you to a travel through 9000 years of history.

As you walk around though the town centre, you will find six collegiate churches, beautiful witnesses of the Liège principality. Head to the market square to admire the oldest monument of Liège dating back from the 11th century: the "perron", which is a stone column decorated with a cross-bearing orb, symbolising freedom and autonomy.

You should also take a short cruise on the Meuse river to relax while enjoying a fantastic view on Liège

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