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Louvigny, a peaceful village, close to the amazing city of Metz

Louvigny is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for peace and tranquility. Located in the northeast of France, Louvigny is a small town, only 20 minutes by train from the attractive city of Metz.

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With around 800 inhabitants, the haven you were looking for for your holidays is right here. It is very easy to reach thanks to the TGV train station and even the regional airport.

Ruins lovers will like to stroll about the remains of the old 15th century fortress. It was built there to prevent the duke of Lorraine to invade the region of Metz. Unfortunately it suffered a lot from the first World War and was badly destroyed. Thanks to an effort of consolidation the visitor can still have a glance to it.

Older remains can be found if you have a walk around the grande corvée, where used to be the roman road.

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